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We save you time with a customized or RUBs-based
billing and submetering solution.

We offer versatile billing methods that allow custom calculations based on any standard or user-defined value with intelligent charge allocation. 

Best of all, depending on your region, our services typically cost the property owner nothing.  Our minimal fees are rolled into the resident's monthly bill.





No matter the size of your portfolio, you will have a dedicated Account Manager assigned to you.  They will help you collect your tenant bills as well as assist in bill payment.  We collaborate with you to recover as many of your property expenses as possible. Your account manager is a quick phone call away if you have any concerns or questions. 

Modern Housing

Any Size



We don't discriminate on who can benefit from our services. We have no minimum unit counts or billing minimums. We also offer reasonable startup costs. Most importantly, our nominal service fee is rolled into your tenants' existing monthly fees - there is no cost to the property owner.


Robust Billing Backbone

Recover your residents’ share of utility expenses through a streamlined billing process. With individualized statements that reflect each unit’s utility charges and other ancillary items, everything is conveniently paid in one transaction. Recover water, sewer, trash, gas, recycling, and/or electric expenses. Boost collections and simplify billing when residents pay their entire monthly balance at once. Our billing infrastructure accurately calculates what each unit owes for utilities and sends the statement directly to each tenant.



Remote Meter Reading

With our electronic billing solution we can work with you on remotely reading your water metering. We will work with your system to collect the necessary information for an on-time and accurate billing of your tenants metering.

Using consistent metering, we can compare real time past usages. With that information we can provide recommendations on water conservation as well as determine if there are any active water leaks that may not be known. If we find major usage differences we can let the property management group know so they can work on immediate remediation. 


We have found that by providing tenants with accurate billing of their actual usage that most begin to conserve more water. 


Custom Utility Billing

Our unique software allows us to analyze detailed metering data to create a customized bill that meets property lease requirements and matches current utility rates. Rather than a randomized lump sum, tenants are billed monthly for their individual usage of that specific utility, on the same schedule as the master meter utility.


Each bill is easy to read and includes a beginning and ending reading as well as the utility rates. If there are significant changes in use, your Account Manager will send a personalized message to that tenant. 


Our service charge is passed on to residents as a line item on their bill. All billing is set up electronically. Tenants can easily have access to their current and past invoices.




Contact Residence Billing for information on submetered billing and purchasing.

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